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                                  SMITH STREET BUSINESSES RAISE $30,000+
                                   TO HELP RED HOOK BUSINESSES REBUILD

From left to right: Diane Barnhart, Gaia Di Loreto, Patrick Watson, Peter Shelsky

As soon as “Restore Red Hook” announced it’s existence as a not for profit dedicated to helping the retail & small businesses of Van Brunt & surrounding sites come back after Sandy, two caring women from Smith Street -  Gaia Di Loreto (By Brooklyn) and Diane Barnhart   (Arthur On Smith) - organized an e mail blast campaign to help their counterparts.   Since the storm, each deciding exactly how to run their own fund raising effort (i.e. many gave 10% of their store sales for a day, a weekend, a week; a special buffet dinner, there was a giant raffle, etc.) under the umbrella name SOUTH BROOKLYN UNITES the following businesses (most of them on Smith Street, others nearby) raised over $30,000 and still counting. Most of it was donated to Restore Red Hook, with Red Hook Initiative and Dumbo also getting support.

 In alphabetical order the following local businesses opened their hearts and raised $30,000+:

 Arthur on Smith, Atmosphere, Bar Great Harry,  Battersby ,  Blue Balloon, Brooklyn Refinery, Brooklyn Social,  Brooklyn Tattoo,  By Brooklyn,  Callailai,  Exit 9 Emporium,  Henry Public,      The Jake Walk,  Jolie Cantina,  La Casita,  Lunetta,  Musician's General Store,  Oaxaca,  The Painted Pot, Restaurant Saul, Rime,  Seersucker,  Shelsky’s Smoked Fish,  Smith & Vine.  Soula Shoes,  Stinky Brooklyn,   Swallow,  Upper90, Van Horn.  List still growing…

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