Our first 2013 event will be Funday Sunday on June 23.  Vendor contract will be available online by mid March 2013. Please visit THE OFFICE then.
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                                               Funday Sunday      June 28, 2015        11 AM-6PM
Starting with the wondrous variety of foods & wares from our own businesses - we then add the talents & specialties of our nearby neighborhoods,  (BOCOCA = BOerum Hill, CObble Hill, CArroll Gardens),  regional talents from the creative depths of Brooklyn, and finally a carefully curated selection of quality crafts & merchandise nationwide for our lucky & appreciative Fair -goers.

Deliberately not the longest, only 8 blocks long, we are the choosiest of street events.

Fun Day Sunday 2012 was no exception to that rule -- rather we have gained a reputation among crafters and independent designers as a showcase for their talents and people come from as far away as Virginia Rhode Island, and Massachusetts to take part in our day.  As the signup time approaches we will publish a 2013 Vendor Application on our website - (click on "The Office" )

Those are some photos of the 2012 Smith Street Fun Day Sunday.

                   Bastille Day Party   Petanque Tournament July 12, 2015        12AM-8PM
Perhaps it was the size and scale of the buildings & streets, --maybe it was influenced by the character and interests of the people living nearby -- certainly it has been helped by the French/English Bi-Lingual Program at a local public elementary school -- but suddenly the neighborhoods off Smith Street have become peopled with Expats, many of them European, many of those French.  Very quickly came the French Restaurants, Bistros, Patisseries, Hair Salons, and "Voila" the new merchants came to us with the idea to celebrate their day as is done in France.  And we said "Pourquoi Pas?"

With the help of neighborhood resident John Quadrozzi, who for the past 11 years has been donating and spreading the sand with his trucks, the joie de vivre of our heroes at Bar Tabac,  and the participation of many other Smith Street chefs, we produce the biggest Bastille Day party (the French equivalent of our 4th of July) and Petanque Tournament (click on the link to learn more about the game) outside of France in the world -- right here in Brooklyn.

The food & drink at this event comes from our own restaurants and shops on Smith Street.  Competitors in the Petanque Tournament come from -- the neighborhood -- the NYC Metro Area --all over the world,.  Contact us at "The Office" for more info.

                                                   Soup Festival    October 24, 2015      1PM-4PM
When you realize that out of 220 storefronts some 70 are purveyors of food & drink, you know that one cannot go wrong celebrating food on Smith Street.

Add to that the fact that South Brooklyn Local Development Corp. (SBLDC) has been nurturing a Culinary Arts Program in the local public School For International Studies (High School & Middle School) for 20 years; (Read all about this on the Programs & Initia
tives page) and it's Food again. But unlike most class subjects this is not one you can just buy a text book or two per student per year.   These classes need to buy food -- lot's of it, thousands of dollars per year. 

So we co-sponsor with the school a "Soup Crawl" where students sell Tasting Tickets in 3 price ranges to the public.  A team of Celebrity Judges decide the winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Ladles among the 25 or so participating Smith Street restaurants. 2012's judges included Marilyn Gelber, President of The Brooklyn Foundation, and  Molly Simms, Senior Editor of Bust Magazine -- both of whom are local residents and "Foodies" with sophisticated palates.

The 2012 Gold Ladle winners were The Jakewalk's Kabocha Squash Soup with Maple Creme Fraiche,  Angry Wade's  Frito Pie Chile, Shelsky's Smoked Fish for their Celeraic & Apple Soup with Kippered Salmon, and  the Heirloom Tomato Soup with Cheddar Crisps at Seersucker.  Silver Ladles went to Zaytoon's Red Lentil Soup and Ciro's Squash Soup.  Bronze went to Provence en Boite's Soupe de Poissons, Jolie Cantina's Poblano Oxtail Pozole, and Kittery's Seafood Chowder.  

This event has become a favorite of foodies all over NY, restoring soup to it's noble place on our menus, and has provided over $3,700 for the school program.  There are no outside vendors in this festival, only our own restaurants and the students.