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Dear Visitors,

     It  is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our founding Executive Director, Bette Stoltz. For three decades, SBLDC has advocated for all neighborhoods of the South Brooklyn Community, representing its housing, retail commercial, industrial, youth services, job training, education, transportation and open space/parks needs and concerns.

 Bette and SBLDC formed a relationship with the neighborhood that allowed the community to coalesce in unique ways; for example the formation of the shadow program as an after school apprenticeship within local businesses, or the successful effort to have the EPA declare the Gowanus Canal a SuperFund site. One of Bette's most recent effort was the Culinary Arts Program at the H.S. of International Studies.

 For 20 years Bette singlehandedly curated the fair that you know and enjoy today. We intend to keep her efforts alive, and throw a great pary this year in her honor. We have contacted you early this year to secure your participation as we seek new artisan and organizations to complement the already diverse environment of the fair.

SBLDC wants you to know it will be continuing the work Bette Started. he Board has committed itself to preserve Bette's legacy by appointing her daughter -Erica Stoltz- as Executive Director. We are dedicated to maintain and grow the programs Bette developed, as well as adding new ones.  Thank You CY  

For the SBLDC Board